Symbols of Authenticity

What makes a design original? Understanding authenticity is learning what happens behind the scenes & learning what the design means.
Want to know how to spot an original?

A real Cassina chair - the difference is in the details

A real Cassina chair - the difference is in the details

Manufacturers of original designs will have…

  • Signs of high-end manufacturing, like polished seams, quality materials, and more

  • A clear logo, serial number, or signature of the maker

  • Certificate of authenticity & warranty services

Retailers that sell original designs will have…

  • Clearly labeled pieces with maker information readily available

  • Educated sales professionals who can speak to the qualities and characteristics of each design

  • Authorization from manufacturers to sell their products

  • Options for warranty and services

Ligne Roset Chicago

Ligne Roset Chicago



Design firms that value original design will…

  • Specify high-quality products that stand the test of time

  • Create inspiring spaces by working with quality materials, furniture, and more

  • Respect their fellow designers by investing in their peers’ work

  • Educate their clients on the value of original design for durability, sustainability, and longevity

Get informed with reliable media sources to learn about a product before you buy.

  • Visit trustworthy media outlets & exhibits for design history and inspiration

  • Research manufacturers’ websites for specifications

  • Read reviews from other customers before investing in a design piece




Don’t be duped! Want to learn how to compare a real, authentic piece against the copycats?

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