Series: How Do You Identify An Original?

Photo: Herman Miller

Photo: Herman Miller

With knockoffs becoming increasingly rampant and social media adding to consumer confusion, how can you tell if you’re purchasing the authentic product?

And for designers, whose projects often get “value engineered” and lose the original specification, they need as much information from brands to educate the end user.

Introducing our new series – How Do You Identify An Original, we are going to profile some of the most recognized and replicated designs and break down the key indicators to look for.

Let’s start with Herman Miller.

Brand: Herman Miller

Designers: Charles and Ray Eames

Product: Eames Lounge Chair

What to look for?

1.       Logo: the signature Herman Miller mark is placed at the bottom of the chair.

2.       Base: there are five aluminum legs on the base with a slight angle and round end. The feet have “Domes of Silence” marked on them and Eames is set at a 15° angle.

3.       Wood: Eames is constructed with layers of plywood and the veneer on all three shells of the chair match as they are cut from a single log.

4.       Cushions: the chair has six inches of padding and almost always* covered in soft leather with two buttons in the middle of each cushion.

5.       Dimensions: the classic size has a total height of 31.5”, seat height of 15”, and width and depth of 32.75”. The tall version has a total height of 33.5”, seat height of 15.25”, width of 32.75”, and depth of 34.5”.

Keep an eye out for more tips on spotting authentic design!

Next up: Ligne Roset.

*Eames Lounge Chair is available in leather as well as Mohair Supreme.