Our Impact

protecting original design

Knockoffs are not just the theft of an idea - they are the theft of opportunity for designers and the companies that support them. That’s why we work with U.S. Customs and Border Protection to stop counterfeits before they enter the market. Thanks to our work together, the USCBP office is better prepared to stop knockoffs directly at the border, protecting American companies and jobs from both intellectual property theft and economic damage.



American Jobs Protected



Millions Worth of Goods SEIZED



Shipments OF counterfeit goods intercepted


We are proud to work with over 800+ members, supporters, and followers in the fight for original design. From companies big to small, we promote open discussion and sharing about how members can better protect their designs from counterfeit culprits.

Want to learn how to spot an original design, or how to protect your designs? Read more on our blog.

Investing in the future

We foster the next generation of designers with an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind summer fellowship that gives emerging design students a chance to get hands on with in-the-field learning experience.






Companies visited



Thousand dollars raised

Know someone who would be a great fit for our fellowship program, or are you a company interested in hosting? Learn more about our student design fellowship.